Healthy cooking essentials

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This 6-piece set contains:
- 3 cast iron lightweight skillets with non-stick honeycomb structure 20/24/28 cm
- Set of 3 pan protectors

1. Cast iron lightweight skillets
- Extra anti-adhesive:
 The non-stick honeycomb layer allows gentle cooking without or with very little fat. The coating itself makes it easy to slide food out of the pan without it sticking to the surface.
- The first cast iron range with the best non-stick qualities, durable and extremely light in use! 50% lighter than traditional cast iron, making it easy to use around the kitchen!
- For all heat sources: compatible with all heat sources, even induction and can thus be used in every household kitchen.
- The thermal density allows better distribution and retention of heat. This way you save energy while cooking.
- Wooden handle does not heat up, is convenient to use, ultra-light and manoeuvrable.

2. Set of 3 pan protectors
- Easy to use: simply place them between 2 pans or pots
- Noise is muffled when you put the pans together
- Reusable and easy to clean: hand wash with warm soapy water.
- Color: red
- Size: 35 cm