Tea pot with stainless steel filter 600 ml - Black


- Material: borosilicate glass and stainless steel
- Capacity: 600 ml
- Color: black

This elegant borosilicate glass teapot is complete with a stainless steel filter, offering an exceptional tea tasting. Its transparent design allows you to see the tea leaves as they brew, while the stainless steel filter ensures a pure, residue-free brew.

- Resistant material: borosilicate glass is resistant to heat, thermal shock and stains, ensuring exceptional durability.
- Total transparency: the clarity of the glass allows you to observe the colour and infusion of the tea, creating a visual experience
- Stainless steel filter: the fine stainless steel filter ensures effective filtration of the tea leaves, guaranteeing deliciously pure tea
- Easy to use: the removable lid and ergonomic handle make it easy to fill, pour and clean
- Versatility: suitable for a variety of loose teas, from green to black and herbal infusions, offering great flexibility for tea lovers
- Large capacity (600 ml = approx. 3 cups) for serving several cups at a time