Salad bowl - 32 cm



- Material: melamine
- Dimensions: 32 cm
- Color: Lime green/ Old pink /Grey /White /Lavander

Ready for a summer breeze?
This easy-to-clean collection with its simple, modern design is the perfect addition to your kitchen and table.

- Ideal for serving pasta, (fruit) salads, breads, snacks and vegetables
- Thanks to the material used, the product is very durable, light and strong
- The material is clean and hygienic, there is no lingering smell or taste
- It is also perfect for outdoor use during summer
- Available in a wide range of different sizes and colors, allowing you to combine them endlessly
- The right size for all your recipes
- Stackable: save space in your kitchen and don't worry about stacking the bowls, as the coating is scratch resistant