Rotary vegetable and cheese mill + 3 exchangeable blades - Silver / Black


Save time and effort during food preparation and achieve incredible results, with no electricity required.
Use it anywhere, anytime!

- Material: highly resistant ABS and stainless steel, prevents rust damage
- Multifunctional: can quickly process food into pieces, strands or strips
- Non-slip base for perfect stability
- Easy to use: To use this grater, attach the drum to the base, insert the food to be grated into the funnel, then turn the crank to pass the food through the rotating blades, obtaining fine or grated pieces depending on the blade chosen. Clean the grater after use.
- Ultra-practical for a variety of uses, with 6 blades included: 1.5 mm (slicing), 2.5 mm (grating) and 4 mm (dicing).
- Easy to clean: dishwasher-safe
- Ideal for: grating cheese, potatoes, carrots, zucchinis, nuts, etc.