Tajine essentials

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Tajine Blue/Red (Color)

This fully equipped 3-piece set consists of :
- tajine with lid
- bamboo spoon and spatula

1. Tajine
- Ceramic lid: ensures that the pot is virtually airtight
- The cone-shaped lid allows steam to condense into fine droplets which then fall back onto your food so that it remains tender, juicy and tasty
- Fast and even heat distribution due to thermal density for optimal cooking results
- Excellent heat retention. You save energy during cooking and your food stays warm longer.
- Durable materials: Passed down from generation to generation, cast iron is a tough material that is durable
- The cast iron makes it ready to use: it is no longer necessary to prepare or soak the tagine in advance
- All burners including induction, also suitable for use in the oven
- Dimensions: 29 x 23.5 cm
- Capacity: 2.4 l

2. Bamboo spoon and spatula
Durable material: bamboo is very strong and yet very flexible so it does not break easily