Tajine Blue/Red



- Material: cast iron
- Dimensions: 29.7 cm
- Color: red

Tasty dishes served in style! The traditional character of the tajine with its ceramic cone lid ensures slow and even heat distribution. Ideal for slow cooking, tender results and bringing out the natural flavors.

- Ceramic lid: ensures that the pot is virtually airtight

- The cone-shaped lid allows steam to condense into fine droplets which then fall back onto your food to keep it tender, juicy and tasty

- Fast and even heat distribution thanks to thermal density for optimal cooking results

- Excellent heat retention. You save energy during cooking and your food stays warm longer.

- Durable materials: Passed down from generation to generation, cast iron is a tough material that is durable

- Cast iron, ready to use: there is no need to prepare or soak the tagine in advance

- All fires including induction, also suitable for use in the oven

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