Set of 7 glass jars with bamboo lid - transparent and bamboo


 - Materialborosilicate glass + bamboo
- Dimensions: 17×12.5×6cm (0.64L)
                        11.5×5.5cm (0.32L)
                        13.5×6cm (0.52L)
                        15×6.5cm (0.65L)
                         9,5×16.5cm (1L)
                         9,5×24.5cm (1.5L)
                        10.5×15cm (1L)
- Color: transparant + wood

Perfect for keeping your food dry and airtight.

- Made of borosilicate glass: The containers will not absorb stains or odors
- Environmentally friendly: Glass is an environmentally friendly and chemical-free/PFA-free material
- Airtight bamboo lid: watertight and flavor preserving: Ideal for preserving your food and keeping it fresh
- Multifunctional and convenient: the containers can be placed in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave (without the lid), dishwasher and of course in the cupboard
- Multi-purpose: Our containers offer a wide range of functions: transporting your meal to work, during your journeys, safe storage of baby food, etc.
- Temperature range: from -40°C to +460°C
- Store your tea, coffee, spaghetti, cereals, flour, rice, etc. easily