Glass water bottle with silicone sleeve - 550 ml



- Material: borosilicate glass
- Dimensions: 6,5 × 24 cm
- Color: grey/ green

- Durable and resistant: made of borosilicate glass which makes it resistant to heat and thermal shocks. It is ideal for both boiling and cold water.
- Bamboo lid: keep liquids inside! The lid effectively prevents water leakage.
- Silicone sleeve: The sleeve offers protection against shocks. This makes it your ideal travel partner while on the road or at work.
- Convenient to use: the bottle has a small opening to drink your beverages without spilling anything.
- Ideal for: storage of tea, water (still or sparkling) or other infused drinks.
- Toxin free: the glass bottle is made without BPA, cadmium, chemical odors or toxins.