Stainless steel water kettle 3 L - Black


This stainless steel kettle is a must-have in every tea lover's kitchen.
You'll have hot water for your tea in no time!

- Made from stainless steel, making it durable and robust, perfect for everyday use thanks to its strength.
- Finished with bakelite handles that are less likely to heat up
- Our classic kettle whistles when the water boils
- Large base can be used on induction, and guarantees rapid heating
- Perfect for serving one or more cups at a time (capacity = 3 L)

How to use the kettle
1. Remove the lid and fill the kettle with cold water. Do not fill beyond the spout opening.
2. Replace lid and place on stovetop burner over low to medium heat.
3. Wait either for the kettle to whistle or for the desired water temperature to be reached.
4. Firm-grip handle designed to stay cool. We recommend using a potholder. Remove from stove burner and pour over your favorite tea.

Safety instructions
- Remove the kettle from the heat when it whistles and let it rest for a few moments before pouring.
- Always use a potholder or oven mitt. Handles and knobs can become hot with use.
- Hot steam may come out of the spout. Keep a safe distance from the spout.