Knife essentials

€119,00 €399,00

This 12-piece set from Sabatier by Sauter includes :

 - knife holder
- 2 steak knives 12.5 cm
- santoku knife  18 cm
- cleaver    18 cm
- chef's knife 20 cm
- fruit and vegetable knife 12.5 cm
- paring knife 10 cm
- boning knife 15 cm
- carving knife 15.5 cm
- fish/meat filleting knife 17.5 cm
- pizza knife 14 cm

1. Universal knife block
- Versatile: the flexible plastic rods inside let you store all kinds of kitchen utensils
- Modern, compact design: 25.5 x 10.8 x 10.6 cm
- Clean the block with a dry or slightly damp cloth. The plastic rods are removable and can be washed with water
- Colour: black

2. Steak knives
The perfect knife for cutting steaks and all kinds of meat!

3. Santoku knife
A versatile knife with a honeycombed blade that prevents food from sticking to it.

4. Cleaver
This kitchen knife with riveted Pakka wood handle is specially designed for cutting up meat, poultry and shellfish carcasses.

5. Chef's knife 
The wide, rigid blade of this multi-purpose knife is ideal for cutting, slicing, mincing and mincing!

6. Fruit and vegetable knife
Peel your vegetables and fruit effortlessly and make precise cuts!

7. Paring knife
Peel your potatoes, vegetables and fruit very finely thanks to the shape of the curved blade.

8.  Boning knife
Bone meat or poultry and remove the skin from fish with precision thanks to the sharp, curved blade!

9. Carving knife
Designed for cutting large pieces of meat into thin slices.

10. Fish/meat filleting knife
Get fine, precise cuts!

11. Pizza knife
Thanks to the curved back of the blade, your pizza will be instantly divided into pieces with just a few back-and-forth movements. And your toppings will stay where they belong.

All knives are made of stainless steel and Pakka wood