Coffee maker in aluminium 300 ml - Black


The aluminum coffee maker represents timeless sophistication in coffee-making. Precision-crafted, it combines the strength of aluminum with a classic, functional design. This coffeemaker lets you brew coffee like a barista, at home and on the go. 

- Durable material: constructed from high-quality aluminum, the coffeemaker guarantees exceptional durability, resisting daily use.
- Elegant design: its sleek aesthetics and harmonious curves add a touch of sophistication to any kitchen
- Versatility: the aluminum coffee maker is suitable for gas and electric stoves (not induction), offering great flexibility of use.
- Simple preparation: fill the lower part with water, add the ground coffee to the filter, assemble the two parts, then place the coffeemaker on the stove. In just a few minutes, enjoy a rich, intense coffee.
- Perfect for serving one or more cups at a time (capacity for 6 cups of espresso = 300 ml).