Set of 3 rectangular glass vacuum containers + 1 vacuum pump + 3 vacuum bags - Transparent


- Material: borosilicate glass
- Capacity: 0.47 L + 1.4 L + 2.7 L
- Color: transparent and black

This innovative set includes three glass vacuum tins, a vacuum pump and three vacuum freshness bags, offering a complete package to keep your food fresher for longer. These durable, airtight boxes are ideal for organising and preserving food in your kitchen.

- Extended preservation: vacuum-packed glass containers keep oxygen out, extending the preservation time of your food.
- Transparency: borosilicate glass containers make it easy to see the contents without having to open them
- Easy to use: the vacuum pump supplied is simple to use, allowing you to hermetically seal the containers in a matter of seconds
- Space-saving: the vacuum-packed freshness bags and stackable boxes optimise storage space in your fridge
- Versatility: the set includes different box sizes to accommodate all kinds of food, from leftovers to fresh produce, while reducing food waste
- Heat resistant up to 80°

How do I use the set?
1. Place the food in the container and close the lid. Make sure the side handles are properly clipped to seal the lid.
2. Insert the hand pump: use the vacuum hand pump to connect its nozzle to the valve on the vacuum box lid.
3. Start pumping: slowly and steadily pump the handle of the hand pump to extract the air from the can. Keep pumping until you feel a significant resistance, which means that most of the air has been evacuated.
4. Close the valve: once you've reached the desired vacuum level, quickly close the valve on the can lid to prevent the air from returning.
5. Remove the pump: carefully remove the hand pump from the valve.
6. Seal the can: if your vacuum can is equipped with a sealing mechanism, activate it to ensure an airtight seal. Otherwise, make sure the lid is securely fastened.