Cast iron tea pot 600 ml - Black


- Material: cast iron
- Capacity: 600 ml
- Color: black

The cast-iron teapot is a masterpiece of Japanese craftsmanship, combining beauty and functionality. Its elegant design and ability to retain heat make it the perfect accessory for enjoying a delicious cup of tea.

- Exceptional durability: made from cast iron, it resists wear and tear and will retain its appeal for years to come.
- Even heat distribution: cast iron keeps the temperature of the tea constant, ensuring a perfect infusion. This allows the tea to maximise its healthy nutrients.
- The folding handle allows you to store the teapot neatly and efficiently
- Easy maintenance: the teapot's inner enamel makes it easy to clean, preventing flavour residues.
- Large capacity (600 ml = approx. 3 cups) for serving several cups at a time