The Qulinart cast iron lightweight skillet with non-stick honeycomb structure

All the benefits of cast iron but lightweight and non-stick

The Qulinart by Brandt cast iron pan is 50% lighter than traditional cast iron thanks to the pressed casting innovation technique, allowing more pressure compared to traditional sand casting. This ensures thinner but stronger walls and 50% less weight.

On top of that, the Qulinart cast iron pan does not stick thanks to the special honeycomb structure. This structure ensures a fast and perfectly even heat distribution, so your food is equally cooked and seared. It allows to cook with no or little fat, without having your food stuck to the pan!

Non stick

Your food slides out of the pan


50% lighter than cast iron

Suitable for all heat sources


To last a lifetime

Start enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

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Don't take our word for it


This is a quality pan and is totally nonstick even without seasonings.




This pan never leaves the stove. I use it at least once a day, it is so versatile.