Complete cookware pack - 11 pieces - cast iron

$109.00 $394.00

This fully equipped 9-piece set consists of :
- 3 pans 20/24/28 cm
- 3 pan protectors
- bamboo spoon and spatula
- trivet

 1. Pans
- Durable material: passed down from generation to generation, cast iron is a strong material that is durable
- PFOA-free non-stick coating with honeycomb structure allows for gentle cooking with very little fat, without your food sticking
- Fast and even heat distribution due to thermal density for optimal cooking results
- Extremely light: 50% lighter than traditional cast iron, making it easy to use in the kitchen!
- Ergonomic and practical to use: wooden handle that does not heat up
- For all burners, including induction
- Color: red

2. Pan protectors
- Easy to use: simply place them between 2 pans!
- Multi-purpose: also suitable as a coaster
- Noise is muffled when you put the pans together

 3. Bamboo spoon and spatula
Durable material: bamboo is very strong yet very flexible so it doesn't break easily

4. Trivet
- High temperature resistance: this trivet can resist up to 220°C
- Furniture protection: trivets can protect your worktops and tables from heat damage