The best ingredients for a complete cooking experience

Whether you enjoy cooking tasty, healthy and delicious meals or preparing small dish to impress your guests. At Brandt, you will find all the accessories you need to make your kitchen enjoyable and practical for any occasion.

Brandt was established 60 years ago and over the years has become a renowned name in the kitchen industry. With its beautiful design and a passion for innovation, the brand never ceases to surprise its consumers with new products.

The Brandt team closely follows the latest developments and trend to ensure solutions that meet the demands of everyday life in France. The kitchen equipment has been thought out down to the smallest detail, making it possible to prepare delicious meals every day.


Since its launch, the launch has been simple: accompany consumers throughout their lives by offering them innovative, useful and relevant products. Our cast iron casserole and frying pan are two examples of a must in every household. Thanks to their thermal density that help you create delicious and exceptional dishes.

Cooking becomes even more enjoyable and effortless with the appropriate kitchen utensils!

Enjoy Brandt’s high quality products for years to come.


Take advantage of our packs and discover the superior quality of our cast iron!
Our cast iron is provided with the best non-stick qualities, but still durable and extremely light in use!
This cast iron is 50% lighter than traditional cast iron, making it easy to use around the kitchen while still looking classy!