Barbecue essentials

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Ceramica alumnia - Unbreakable oven dish - shock and chip resistant - black - 4L (Color)
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This set contains:
- 1 chef knife
- 1 slicing knife
- 3 BBQ utensils: multifunctional serving tongs / spatula / barbecue fork
- Unbreakable ovendish
- Rectangular cutting board

1. Slicing knife & Chef knife
- The curved handle guarantees an optimal grip
- Strength and durability guaranteed
- Easy to clean: dishwasher safe
- Size: 20 cm

2. BBQ utensils: Multifunctional serving tongs / spatula / barbecue Fork
- Made from high-quality stainless steel
- Hollow handles for lighter weight and easier grip
- Long handles: to ensure greater distance from the heat of the barbecue
- Perforated handles for easy hanging
- Multifunctional serving tongs for turning meat on the barbecue or vegetables in the oven
- Spatula for lifting and turning barbecued food. Toothed end for decapping bottles
- Barbecue fork for easy searing of meat and removal of grease
- Ideal for preparing recipes, grilling and serving at the table

3. Unbreakable ovendish
- Thanks to the unbreakable material, the baking dish can resist to shocks and is resistant from generation to generation
- The unbreakable dish offers optimal resistance to scratches, thermal shocks and chipping
- Timeless design allows the dish to be presented harmoniously on your table
- Ergonomic and practical to use: the solid handles ensure a good grip so it is easy to move from the oven to the table
- PFOA-free non-stick ceramic coating: 5 x stronger and more durable, 2 x more non-stick, 4 x more heat spreading efficiency.
- Stackable: save space in your kitchen and don't worry about stacking the oven dishes, as the coating is highly scratch resistant.
- Dimensions: 42 x 26 x 7.5 cm
- Oven safe up to 230°C/446°F. You can also use this oven dish on your fire (gas, electric, ceramic) and even on the barbecue.

4. Rectangular cutting board
- Natural and durable acacia wood, very resistant and does not alter the sharpness of your knives
- Cut-out handles for easy movement of food from your workspace to your dining table
- Clean your board after use under the tap and with detergent. Long cleaning is not recommended. We recommend that you dry the board standing upright to avoid warping.
- Treat it regularly with oil
- Not dishwasher safe
- Dimensions: 28 x 22 x 1.5 cm